Saturday 16th November - Jont, Lander Mason & Pavlov's Cat

Keenly observed and melodic songs from a stalwart of the London acoustic scene. Why should London keep him all to itself?

Jont is one of those remarkable songwriters who comes to life before your eyes in that remarkable way that only true live performers can. With his trademark bare feet, and phenomenal voice he is sure to surprise and entertain in equal measure. Tonight he was joined by Senis (left) on guitar and vocals.


"Shockingly impressive is Jont, a willowy figure, alone but for his shoeless feet…his confidence is astounding." - Fly magazine


Pavlov's Cat 8.30pm - 9.00pm

When they are not running AcoustiCity, James Hibbins and Darren Tansley form two thirds of this eclectic trio. James is the singer, guitarist and songwriter behind the band, his writing having been described in Folk Roots as having a 'Drakish air'. Darren, a previous member of folk punk band Blyth Power, plays piano, bodhran and whistles while Nick Anderson completes the troika with his engaging fretless bass sound.

The band have been together for 3 years now, and have collectively the various members have played over 1000 gigs in 10 countries. While it is not the habit of the lads to play their own venue, the 2002 album release 'Motes of Dust' saw renewed interest from press and festival organisers, so a showcase of some new songs from James' pen was long overdue. Guest drummer and vocalist Jason Bangers added the final piece to the jigsaw for the evening.



Lander Mason 9.05pm - 9.35pm

Lander Mason are the songwriting duo of Fiona Lander and Paul E Mason.

Fiona was born in Hexham but now lives in East Anglia. She gained a music honours degree at the Institute in Colchester and has always been influenced by jazz and folk. She plays a multitude of instruments now, starting to learn piano and clarinet while at primary school.

Paul grew up in Sunderland and in the 80s was on his way to some considerable success as a professional musician when an accident with a circular saw badly injured his left hand. After 4 years out he decided to pick up nylon guitar, which caused much less pain to his fingers, and a move to classical guitar ensued. Now the fusion of his rock and classical influences has blended with Fiona's own musical background to produce a beautiful selection of songs now available on the album 'In a Dream'. They were joined by percussionist Keith Bleasby to give an even fuller sound to their performance.



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