Biog - What is Pavlov's Cat?

various faces of pavlov's cat





Does the name Pavlov’s Cat ring a bell? We know about 1904 Nobel Prize winner the Russian physiologist Pavlov & his experiments on dogs but cats are altogether smarter & more cynical.

Pavlov’s Cat is a project of London singer-songwriter James Hibbins & occupies the musical territory fast becoming recognised under the genre label “Acoustic”. fRoots magazine described the music as “determinedly acoustic” with “an eye on life’s shadowy side”.

Although the band have been described as sounding "melodic, powerful & very English”, the words “eclectic” & “intelligent” also keep cropping up.

Formed in 1999, Pavlov's Cat has varied from solo performance to a 4 piece band. The format you are most likely to see at the moment is a duo with James & multi-instrumentalist Bernard Hoskin.

Other regular & occasional Cats include
Nick Anderson - electric & acoustic basses, vocals
Darren Tansley - keyboards, vocals, whistles & bodhran
Ken Holland - bodhran
Jim Read - drums, percussion & vocals
Jason Bangers - drums, acoustic bass & vocals
David Booth - percussion, keyboards & vocals
Kelly Jones - violin
Lisa Fitzgibbon - vocals

Along the way Pavlov’s Cat have played venues & events from a selection of Arts Centres & dingy backstreet clubs to Folk Festivals, house concerts & BBC sessions and have shared the stage with Ezio, Chris Difford, Dick Gaughan, Karine Polwart, Hank Wangford, Sam Carter, Megson & Michael Chapman amongst others.

2002 saw the release of  “Motes of Dust”, an 8 track mini album on AcoustiCity Records. Recorded in short, intensive stints by James, Nick, Darren & Ken it reflects the more organic, stripped down side of the band. Tracks including anthemic live favourite 'Rain Song' and a sparkling arrangement of the English traditional song 'Death & the Lady'.

The 2004 album “Burlington Road” features 11 tracks varying from stripped down acoustic arrangements to harder edged full band songs & captures the more energetic acoustic rock sound of the  3 piece festival lineup.

2011 saw the long awaited release of new studio album "At the Races" featuring James, Bernard & producer/percusionist/keyboard player Dave Booth on everything from full band arrangements to stipped back intimate acoustic pieces & even acapella.

"Pavlov's Cat play well, sing well & write very good songs. Highly recommended!"  
Clive Gregson - singer-songwriter, Nanci Griffith, Richard Thompson Band.
" interesting mix of traditional & original songs...I really like it"  
Mike Harding - BBC Radio 2
"Determinedly eye on life's shadowy side" fRoots Magazine